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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 28, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the investigation began. according to the sketch, the suspect is 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighs about 200 pounds and is between 25-30 years old. >> there are cameras in the area and they were able to get some blood off of that. they were able to obtain a composite drawing based on the victim's information. >> please ask anyone who can help with information that can help with this investigation to call410-396-2076. reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. >> a man -- the family of a man who was killed in combat in afghanistan said that the gloves corporal died over the weekend while on his second tour of duty. the department of defense has not yet provided information about his death.
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>> the three men accused of beating an elderly black fisherman have pled not guilty. the three men were arraigned this morning. there were charged with assault, carjacking and a crimes. if convicted, the men could spend 85 years in prison. >> research continues for the person who killed an elderly man in roseville. police were called to the 1200 block of hill del road just after 10:00 p.m.. when they arrive, they found a 74-year-old dead at the scene and autopsy later revealed that his death was a homicide. police are urging anyone with information to call metro crimestoppers @ 1-866-7-lock up. >> mary sullivan was killed after a stolen truck crashed into her bedroom. today, the driver was sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter. we have been following the
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developments. david has the latest. >> even the judge appeared moved by the families victim impact statement. >> judge kathleen coggs called the circumstances behind the death a cruel irony. audrey miller, the man who drove a stolen truck into a first four-bedroom crushed to death and walk away unscathed. the judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison. >> i think that the sentence fits the crime. >> family members say that justice has been serv. >> she was the heart of our family, so was in her was probably the most difficult thing any of us have had to deal with. we feel like justice has been served. if he would just get his life together and get out and 20 years, that is all we can hope
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for. >> we can do with this a little better. >> families described her as a giver. putting family above all others. miller apologized and said he was sorry and that he has a lot of remorse. if i could sacrifice myself for the pain and anguish, i would. >> the fatal crash happened in the summer of 2008. testimony showed that he started the day trading alcohol and taking drugs and then stole a pickup truck and then he blacked out behind the wheel and slammed into the bedroom of mary sullivan, crushing her to death. her children were home but were not injured. police picked him up as he walked away from the scene. they tied him to the truck with his own cell phone. >> he has had chances to straighten his life out in the past and did not take advantage of that. >> this is the most serious charge.
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reporting live, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have identified the woman who lost her life in a house fire over the weekend. officers say the woman whosdiedt before midnight. crews say that the fire started in the basement but they have not found the exact cause of the fire. it is still under investigation. >> it appears that an area man that killed his family and then himself may have been having financial problems. charles dalton did not leave a suicide note behind before taking his own life and his family's lives, there were signs of the type of stress the family was under. >> there is information that the family may have been having financial difficulties. that part is what we are looking into. >> people get more and more desperate and have more pressure
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on them. people do desperate things when they are overstressed and overrun. >> on average, there are four- six cases in the past years. >> a massive fire at a cecil county equestrian center has killed seven horses being stable there. the fire started at the royal equestrian center. officials say that it took 75 firefighters to get that fire under control and damages are estimated at about $1 million. that includes a horse valued at some $40,000. the state fire marshal's office is investigating the fire. >> investigators are investigating a deadly accident in with your bill. -- in lutherville. a 17-year-old died after his car crashed into a wooded area.
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his family reported him missing last night. police say his car was about 75 feet off the roadway. >> it was a pretty nice day to day with temperatures in the '70s but a cold front is on the process of moving through. about one-quarter inch of rain was measured. the bottom edge is around the district of columbia. it moves up into the bay and northern delaware and is moving to the east. this will not be a factor in our weather tonight except that it is a cold front. as that moves east, cold air moves in. we will not see the '70s for the next few days. we will talk about that in just a minute. >> we are on track for an acute flu season. the flu season is officially in
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maryland. while health officials continue to tout the growing cases of swine flu, but health officials updated us on the situation. what's today's briefing came three days after maryland's first pediatrics one flew death. 11 news said that it was a school-age child with a serious pre-existing medical condition. that debt underscores the need to fight the swine flu with every tool available. that debt underscores the need to fight this one flew with every tool available. ia moment of levity during a serious health discussion on monday. the governor announced that the flu has arrived in maryland. the state lab document to the first official case of seasonal fluke, weeks ahead of schedule. it usually hits in mid october.
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>> we need to do everything we can as individuals, as part of this larger public to do our individual part so that we can get through this particularly acute seasoned by saving as many lives as we possibly can. >> it could ease the burden oon the area. >> by protecting ourselves against the seasonal fflu, we can ease the burden on the health care system when the h1n1 by returns in greater numbers. >> the governor lead by example and got his flu shot along with some 300 and police. -- 300 employees. >> i called my doctor and he said to go ahead and get one. i figured it is precautionary.
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>> the doctor said if you are around children, that you should get the shot so, i did. >> they have requested the maximum number of doses from the federal government but have yet to hear how many will ride and win and in what form. >> we are prepared to distribute whatever they send us and to do it in short order. >> officials believe that those doses will live in the next week or so. they say that the most important thing is to keep your hands clean. >> another big win for the raven's yesterday. this time, the home crowd got to enjoy the action. the ravens basically dominated the browns. this season now stands at 3-0. gerry sandusky is here with more. not a bad start for the ravens. >> you mentioned the ravens are
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3-0. it is the only time in three -- in franchise history that they have started with that rating. they have a consistently high scoring offense. they averaged 34 points and yesterday was 34 points. yesterday, they torched the browns and past milestones along the way. about was the eighth hundred career catch for him. to cap off the 34-3 blowout, the elector tidelectrocuted the cro. >> as a receiver, you just try, once you get the ball in your hands, you try to score. that is the only thing that is on your mind is scoring a touchdown. when you see that end zone, you become like a kid in the candy
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store. you want to get there as fast as you can. they will need every bit of momentum that they can get. >> the travel to new england -- the travel to new england to play the bengals and then they play brett f. " i listen to jerry on the radio. he expected, jerry. >> he was diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease. >> friends and family are planning a fund raiser. for ahead, information on ticket information. >> you may have seen it advertised on tv, longer and stronger latches.
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does it work? that is coming up. >> this weekend,
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>> they are raising money to combat lou gehrig's disease.
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he was diagnosed with als back in 2007. if it weakens motor skills and muscles but despite his condition, he is still the same man. >> he goes to the office every morning. he is going into the office, looking forward to going into the office and going to the facility. o.j. is still o.j.. >> he played for the baltimore stallions and the baltimore ravens. the event is head for -- is set for 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. all proceeds go directly to charity. to learn more about the event, go to our web site and click on newslinks. >> in tonight's medical alert, a new study says that one out of a people who suffers a stroke has a warning stroke first.
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researchers at the university of western ontario studied 16,000 cases. they found that 12% of those patients had a warning strike before suffering a stroke before landing in the hospital. they also found people who did not have a warning stroke or more likely to die a hospital or have a heart attack. researchers are working to put an end at to skin cancer with a vaccine. at a medical center in dallas, researchers are researching a protein that interacts with the body's immune system. the goal is to develop a vaccine. what we would hope that it would cure a significant amount of patience. >> the u t southwestern study is looking for patients whose melanoma has spread to their length notes. you may have heard the tv advertisements with brooke shields. it is a prescription product developed from a glaucoma drug
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and people that use that drug grew longer and darker lashes. how it works and side effects is unites women's dr.. >> she has always wanted better eyelashes. hers were thin and she used a lot of product. >> /enhancer and then the mascara. that would make them fuller. but you had to buy two products. would you had no mascara on, it did not look the same. they were thin. >> the doctor says that this product does what it promises to do. >> i do not know the exact mechanism, but it helps to increase the number of what we call hairs that grow at any given time. what's the most common side effect is eye irritation like redness or itching.
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last frequent is the darkening of the lower lashes. >> they have not seen it in other products, but they have seen cases in about 1%-4% of the patients. >> the doctor says that most people see longer, darker lashes in about four-six weeks. it took longer for this woman, but she loves the results and she knew it was working with her sister as what mascara she was using. >> i saw the difference but did not think it was noticeable. she said that it was really nice. >> the doctor also uses the product. >> when you have long lashes, it tends to open up the eyes and it makes your eyes look more relaxed and more awake and you look more youthful. that is what people want that look. >> she did experience a little itching, but it went away. the product is expensive, about
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$120 for a small bottle but that model will last about two-three months. we want to say welcome back to one of our colleagues here at wbal. dave sandler collapsed at a softball game back in august and was resuscitated by cardiologists and then underwent a triple bypass. today was his first day back on the job. you were missed, dave. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> you may have been caught in it briefly, a quick shower and a little while ago. most of it is now over the water. the southern edge of this activity is around annapolis. it will run up to cecil county and up to delaware and new jersey and pennsylvania. a couple of lightning strikes here. that is out over the bay. nothing behind it. the clouds began to break up what should get behind frederick
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county. here, that brief downpour gave us about one-quarter of an inch of rain. let's take a look at some of the numbers that we have for you right now. it is obvious that it rained here in town because at the airport and downtown, it is 68. annapolis is 78. that was about 78 but it is raining so it has probably come down a bit. it is 81 in ocean city and cooler to the northwest. new york is 71. they had showers tearlier. this weather system has these clouds generated by the cold front and a shower activity moved to southwest pennsylvania. let me pull the picture back. the winds will become more westerly. there will be a secondary front
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and that will give a reenforcing shot of chilly air. it will be windy for the next day or so with these winds bringing cooler autumn like canadian air. it will be a little chillier but not super cold. we will have west-southwest winds. 52 is the overnight temperature. here is our futurecast showing the rain coming out of the picture and we will dry out. in the afternoon, we will see some instability in the clouds. there may be a few sprinkles. basically, just a mix of clouds and thunder. it should start off sunny. we will have a few sprinkles to the north. 69 should be high. it will not be as warm -- it will not be as warm as today. there are wind advisories in the mountains because the winds will be testing close to 40 miles an hour. there is a small craft advisory
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on the bay. here is the insta-weather plus 70 forecast. there may be a struggle or to up in pennsylvania. the highest only 67 degrees. we will stay in the '60s on wednesday and thursday and friday. this is going to stay mostly in the 40's. by late friday and likely on saturday and sunday, we will see it some showers. >> thank you, john. >> coming up, a story out of arkansas. a woman is pregnant with two children. >> but doctors think they have different due dates. we will tell you what the unusual circumstances are, straight ahead. >> there is an uptick in turnover. is it part of the recession or is competition the cause. tha
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>> in a special medical alert, an arkansas woman. >> a mother is carrying two babies and doctors do not think they are twins but rather two weeks apart. >> it is a moment of pure shock, any parent of multiples can relate to that. but when they got the news that they were expecting to babies, what came next was almost beyond
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belief. -- expecting two babies, what came next was almost beyond belief. but she said one is 11 weeks and one day and another one is eight weeks in four days. they measured and it has continually been the same age, 2.5 weeks apart. >> two babies with to gestational ages. how can it be? the arkansas woman may have conceived the second baby while already pregnant with the first. it is an extremely rare condition. >> it is amazing. it is something that you still do not believe. it is so rare. >> the couple has chosen not to have amniocentesis, which would confirm the medical merkel. >> the most likely explanation is that this is a normal twin pregnancy with a significant discrepancy in the sizes of the to the this is because they are
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developing at different rates. >> is there any thought in your mind or in the belief that one of the babies is just developing slower than the other? what's at this point, no. there was always the possibility of early on -- possibility of that early on. there is no slower development for the other child. >> in december 2009, they conceived one and then the other was conceived in january. expecting the best in what could be a rare double pregnancy. >> help me understand this. i am assuming that they will deliver both babies at the same time. >> i do not know what they will choose to do that or not. i would believe that they would. >> coming up, an unusual death.
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>> a woman is killed when a tree fell on her. what police that may have caused the tree to fall. that is next. >> for the second day in a row, the iranians test missiles that could carry nuclear warheads. what is their message and what is the obama administration's message in return? that story is coming up next. >> the first of dozens of new speed cameras are going up in baltimor
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>> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., small, you are on speed-kan. the first camera was on bell today in baltimore city. it is all about getting drivers to slow down and keeping kids safe and residents say. we have the story. >> overwhelmingly, in every neighborhood, you cannot leave a community meeting without talking about the speeding of cars down our streets, in our neighborhoods and the safety factor behind that. >> baltimore city leaders launched the first of 51 news
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the cameras. -- new speed cameras. >> we are telling the city that we want speed cameras. >> the traffic just speeds by an kids are getting hit. >> the children are crossing over on the way to school and it is hard to see them racing back and forth. >> the law takes effect authorizing the use of the cameras. they must be within half a mile of the school's own bylaw. >> on walter avenue, we have clocked about 40% of drivers driving above the speed limit. >> baltimore city is not the only jurisdiction using the cameras. the state is going after
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speeders' as well. >> a pilot program will be -- will have cameras attached to polls. >> citations are $40 but there are no points on your license but your license will be flagged if it is not paid. >> for the first 30 days, warnings will be issued, but after november 1, anyone caught going 12 miles an hour over the speed limit will get a ticket. >> officials with the department of public works are removing that damaged 72 inch pipe responsible for the mass of water main break. sections will be sent to a lab for analysis as they try to determine why that piper failed. it caused massive damage to just over a week ago, flooding over 100 homes in the area. >> here is a look at top stories.
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a woman was killed when a tree fell on her in her front yard. the 63-year-old diane leech was working in her yard when the tree fell. her husband call 911 or she passed away at the hospital. police say that rainfall may have caused the tree to up route. a home invasion has left one man dead and police looking for suspects. police say that the 38-year-old was shot and killed after three masked men stormed his home early sunday morning. his wife and three children were tied up but unharmed. police say that despite that this is the third break-in in that area, they do not think that this was a random attack. police are investigating an accident involving a light rail train. it happened at near north howard street. there were no injuries, but the light rail car was taken back to
5:34 pm
the yard for damage assessment. that intersection sees a lot of collisions involving vehicles and light rail trains. >> one person is being treated after a fire in south baltimore. at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, crews were called and it took about 15 minutes to bring the fire under control. the victim is being treated for a burn to the foot. the fire is under investigation. concerns about the nuclear program in iran, iran fired a missile that could deliver nuclear weapons. the government has insisted that iran come clean about the program and shut it down. >> this time, it was a test of medium-range missiles that could carry warheads about 1,200 miles, far enough to hit israel or to hit u.s. bases in iraq or afghanistan. over the weekend, iran tested its shorter-range rockets with a
5:35 pm
range of 400 miles. the tests were previously planned, but still send a message. just last week, iran admitted building a secret nuclear facility that president obama says looks like a plant to build an atom bombs. but it coincides with a message there are trying to spend -- to send, which is to back off. >> the white house said that the iranians must back down. >> to engage in full transparency and explain to the world that it will give up its nuclear weapons program. >> if not, the u.s. will assess stiff economic sanctions. >> the iranian government will make sure that it is their people that were the ones that suffer and that will probably not change their strategy. >> they are taking multiple
5:36 pm
paths and they're being deceptive and they intend to end up that will end up with 30 nuclear weapons inside of a decade. >> iran could deliver nukes by missile right now. >> all this focus his intense attention. from washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still to come, a chicago community is in shock after an honor roll student is beaten to death. tonight, who police have taken into custody and what may have been a motive. >> two people accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from actor john travolta after the death of his son. >> businesses are closing up >> businesses are closing up sh
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>> an attorney for roman polanski says he will fight extradition to the united states. he was arrested in switzerland on the international warrant as he arrived in zurich to accept a
5:40 pm
lifetime achievement award. the u.s. wants him transferred back to america to stand charges from having sex with a 13-year- old girl. they will try to prove that the arrest is illegal and he should be released from swiss custody. what's new evidence could be revealed of 42 people that try to extort money from john travolta after the death of his son. >> it has not been easy for john travolta and his wife to relive the day their son died of a seizure at their vacation home. now they are having to deal with the alleged crime that happened next. two people offered to sell him a medical waiver to sign which was irrelevant for $45 million.
5:41 pm appear to have a conversation between them and the paramedic agreed to $15 million. both of the accused said they are innocent. now the supreme court awaits more evidence to see if the videotape is a smoking gun. >> we are starting to see some defense strategy but no comment on this videotape. it has not yet been played in open court. >> still ahead, you could get better gas mileage on new vehicles. >> what a new mandate by the obama administration is mustering support, but not without critics. >> a chicago high school honor student is beaten to death on his way home from school. witnesses believe that happened. >> 8 storm will drag in chilly
5:42 pm
air with gusty northwest winds. our forecast is just ahead. we have taken temperatures down to 64. the barometer is rising. the barometer is rising.
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>> here are some of the stories we're working for at 11 news at 6. they're finding it hard to stay afloat, but it is unclear if it is because of the economic downturn or there is something more at play. does this man look familiar? police are hoping so. police say he raped a woman and they need your help to track him down. the stories and a lot chevy silverado. more confidence than ford f-150. better backed than f-150. at a value f-150 can't touch.
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silverado. from the family of the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickups on the road. just announced, it's chevy truck month. get 0% apr for 60 months. or $6,000 total cash back on select 2009 silverado vehicles that have been in stock the longest. >>, the police are increasing security at a high school in chicago after a student was
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beaten to death. >> family members believe a student was beaten on the way home from school at to refusing to join a gang. >> the 16-year-old was beaten to death by a mob of young men in the community on thursday. >> the thick of it happening to other people's kids. you never think that it could happen to your. >> friends and family of the victim said that he found himself in the middle of a crowd and there were dozens of teenagers from two games in a vacant lot. -- to gangs in a vacant lot. >> before i knew it, he was being hit over the head with a large to buy for -- large 2x4. he was living with his grandparents.
5:46 pm
>> tonight, police have charged a 19 year-old, an 18 year-old and a 16-year-old with first- degree murder. they are continuing to look at surveillance video. >> all the teenagers will be charged as adults. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a band of rain showers swept through the city a little while ago, producing about one-quarter inch of rain. in the southern extent of it is down around the kingstown area, reaching up into northern delaware and northward into new jersey and pennsylvania. let me widen the you just a bit. you get a sense of the cold front coming in. a there has been a little thunder and lightning. most of it is around southern
5:47 pm
virginia. coming in behind this will area of rain and clouds, is a sum much cooler air that sets the stage for autumn which is what we will experience for the rest of the week. the rainfall was not a lot. wind gusts were up. let's take a look at the current conditions outside. temperature was, you can see how the rain cool things down. -- cooled things down. 79 at cambridge and 81 at ocean city. temperatures bounced back a little bit behind the front. it was 72 in westchester. satellite pictures show where this front isstemperatures or mn
5:48 pm
we have seen. 47-52 is the overnight range. we see a narrow band of rain. but then again, in the afternoon, there will be some clouds and maybe some sprinkles in pennsylvania. west winds gusting to 55. wind advisories in the mountains to the west. when gusts could be up to 40 miles an hour.
5:49 pm
the insta-weather for 7 day forecast shows a 68 on wednesday and 65 on thursday and close to 70 on friday and into the '70s next weekend. the might be a frost in the mountains to the west. saturday and sunday, especially. there will be some more rain in the forecast. >> in tonight's consumer alert, prices are barely half of where they were in the summer of 2000 a and while prices may rise this winter, there is nothing that points to any kind of rise in costs. goodbye mansions. home prices have dropped. people are looking for simpler
5:50 pm
homesteader easier to heat and cool. by now, you may have heard of a government plan for a new national fuel economy standard. you are likely to hear a lot more on the debate from both sides. >> there are two sides usually separated by a distinct line, but big industry and environmentalists have been sharing a lane. both are applauding the proposal for new fuel economy standards. >> a new national standard aimed at increasing gas mileage and decreasing pollution. >> under the plan, automakers must increase average fuel economy ratings to 35 mpg by 2016. it is 8 miles per gallon better than current laws.
5:51 pm
>> it ensures that consumers will have a full range of choices. >> it is a way to be competitive in the global market. >> it creates an even playing field and is an action that is long overdue. >> critics are concerned that it could be confusing. some say that greener on their roads is likely to translate into more green out of your pocket. >> there is a lot more cost that goes into the car. the law -- the automakers are to pass out onto the consumer. >> the new standards would save consumers $3,000 in fuel cost while saving something much more voluble. >> the government says that the vehicle regulations will raise in this by $1,100.
5:52 pm
for tonight's consumer alert, i am mary ann. >> president obama will put the power of the white house behind an olympic bid. an illinois senator was on hand for the 2016 summer game promotion. the ioc will choose the host city on friday. >> unmarried women in india's capital participated in a ceremony for the happiness of their husbands. that ceremony is a farewell ritual in honor of a goddess and it happens that the conclusion of a religious festival. they pray that their husbands will have a happy and long lives. >> for more on a house and happiness, you can log onto and you can also see
5:53 pm
the shock for pope benedict xvi are you considering going back to school? click on education. a chicken lays an enormous egg. how big? you'll have to look on the video. >> if you shop in annapolis, you may have been discovered an disturbing trend. >> we will have a pre
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chevy silverado. more confidence than ford f-150. better backed than f-150. at a value f-150 can't touch. silverado. from the family of the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickups on the road. just announced, it's chevy truck month. get 0% apr for 60 months. or $6,000 total cash back on select 2009 silverado vehicles that have been in stock the longest. >> it is the emergency room
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outside. that is how they are describing their new show. the drama previews tonight. >> for the cast, acting sometimes takes a back seat to instant. >> acting as out the window. i am actually running from an explosion because i really am. >> and the action intense series shows the work of paramedics. >> we run to the fire wall of the people run away from it. >> they do take some dramatic license with all that running. >> i am running over tires. >> the show tries to keep the medicine real as well as the characters. >> they've fallen love with the adrenalin rush and the key to their where maybe you would walk away from some of the horrible things about it. >> one character is a little too
5:57 pm
caught up in that rush. >> there is something you should know. >> what is that? >> i cannot die. >> i am confident that he is the one you want to help you out. >> you are irresponsible. >> maybe you cannot die, but i can. >> despite whatever he says, it is my helicopter because he cannot live without me. >> in the world of trauma, they have plenty to offer. what's it is, a comic drama, thriller, a has at all. -- it has at all. >> it has everything. the premier begins tonight at 9:00 p.m., followed by the jail and no show a 10:00 p.m. and then 11 news at 9. >> if you missed any of this newscast, we will rebroadcast it for you tonight at 7:00 p.m. on wbal plus.
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>> 20 years in jail for a baltimore man who crashed a stolen pickup into a home, killing the woman inside. >> police arrest a suspect accused of rape. >> plus, what to do what you are waiting for the swine flu vaccine to come out. 11 news continues right now. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. gov. o'malley is sending a strong message to maryland theres. he is urging all residents to get their flu shot. that is our big story tonight at 6:00 p.m.. the first case of the seasonal flu hit early. >> health officials worry that it could be telling of the swine flu crisis. >> today's briefing came three
5:59 pm
days after the first pediatric swine flu deaths. it was a school-age child with severe underlying medical conditions. it underscores the need to fight the swine flu with every tool available. >> this is what state health officials want to to do while waiting for the swine flu vaccine. get a seasonal flu shot, now. the governor lead by example. >> it is a patriotic duty. it is something good that you can do for your neighbors. we are all of this together. to the extent that you can ward off the flu, making you one of the absentee's of this clause season, you are helping all of your neighbors. >> 177 maryland errors have been hospitalized with the h1n1 flu virus. today, the first pedia


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